A supportive family ensures that you don't go through any of life's experiences alone -- especially the tougher moments like recovery. We've designed our Confidant Health app with families in mind so our clients can keep their best cheerleaders in their corner. Our members can invite anyone to log in and follow their journey. We also welcome families and spouses to use our therapy services since having a loved one in recovery can stir up some confusing emotions.

Understanding the Family's Role in Treatment

The Confidant Health approach to addiction recovery differs from traditional treatment options in many ways -- including family involvement. With a traditional inpatient program, families and spouses often cannot communicate for the first month of residency.

We feel that this approach unfairly villainizes both the family and the person in recovery. It also strips people of an important emotional and supportive connection when they need it most. We want family to remain involved in recovery at whatever level our client's want. When family members use the Confidant Health app to track progress, our clients will likely feel less lonely throughout the treatment process and more comfortable opening up to you what they're working on. 

Family Members Need Care Too

As the saying goes, "You can't take care of someone else unless you take care of yourself first." That's why we gladly offer our therapy services to loved ones. Our therapists can help family understand and overcome their negative emotions and help them learn to take good care of themselves during times of stress. Relationships have a better chance of healing when the entire family works together toward recovery. 

If you currently have a rocky relationship with your loved one, they may not feel comfortable involving them in your treatment. This is a great topic to discuss with your Confidant team as early as possible. We can help you understand the pros and cons of family participation and let our client and their family members set boundaries if needed.