Cost is a critical concern for many individuals and families when considering treatment for substance use disorders (SUD). At Confidant, we don't want anyone to forgo life-changing or even life-saving care because of budget concerns. That's why we cut costs that don't improve the wellness of clients to focus on what matters, and why we created our community payment model. 

At Confidant, we're transparent about how much it costs to deliver care, but we also enable our clients can pay as little as $1 to access services with our community payment model. When you book an appointment, you'll select the price you want to pay. We recommend a price that covers our costs and includes a small contribution to the community payment fund, but understand that for some people this is not feasible. The difference is covered by contributions to the community payment fund by individuals that value Confidant's high-quality services, and from contributions made after group sessions and for app subscriptions. Every dollar above our costs goes toward paying for other people's one-on-one care.

Our model is designed to completely remove cost as a barrier to getting care. It also means that people don't need to go through their insurance, or alert their employer to their condition. Our aim is to lower all barriers to getting help and to make it easier to get the support you need.

Why Is Facility-Based Treatment So Expensive?

Inpatient treatment for SUD can be prohibitively high for many people. While exact costs vary, a traditional 28-day inpatient residential program can run anywhere from $10,000 to $80,000. The cost is so high because inpatient treatment centers have to budget for housing expenses, maintenance of the facility, and providing access to 24-hour care.

Outpatient treatment through a facility can be surprisingly costly as well. Outpatient programs typically average between $5,000 and $50,000, depending on the specific facility and the length of treatment. Even with financing or sliding scale pricing, these options are simply out of reach for many families.

High-priced addiction treatment is the unfortunate status quo and reinforces the cycle of waiting until your condition is severe before getting help because the barrier to enter treatment is so high. Many of these facilities are spending exorbitant amounts of money on marketing to attract clients, and then need to make up this cost. We believe that high costs are not necessary to provide high-quality care.

What About Insurance?

If you have health insurance, your plan may help pay some of the costs of treatment. But coverage varies widely, so it's a good idea to contact your insurance provider to understand what's covered before making any plans. Just because a facility "works" with your insurance carrier, it does not mean their services will be covered by your plan or that they are in-network.

At this time, Confidant does not work with insurance providers because we know that cost is not a barrier to our services.

A More Affordable Option 

At Confidant, we want to make effective SUD treatment accessible and affordable for individuals and their families. We only charge directly for the services you're getting, such as the cost of 45 minutes of a provider's time or the price of a medication, for example. We are transparent in our billing, so you see exactly what you're getting upfront, with no hidden costs.

Additionally, we offer our patients free access to our learning library, ChatBot, and Matchmaker.  So you get ongoing information and support, but without having to pay high facility fees.

The bottom line is that treatment might be more attainable than you think. The caring specialists at Confidant can help.