At Confidant Health, we believe it's important for families and spouses to engage in self-help when their loved one starts treatment. It can feel stressful to have a loved one in recovery, and you'll be an important source of comfort and support to him or her throughout the recovery journey. However, you can't effectively help someone else unless you help yourself first.

By definition, self-help is a self-guided journey for finding and utilizing betterment techniques. You do need to "help yourself," but you don't need to "do it yourself." We're here to help! We designed the Confidant app to allow loved ones to benefit from our therapy programs too. 

Why You Should Take Care of Yourself

Substance use does not just affect the person using. Drugs and alcohol can change a person's behavior, which often strains their relationships. Your loved one might have said or done something that causes you to feel anxious or even angry. Without addressing these emotions, you cannot expect to repair the relationship. 

Even if you do not interact much with your loved one, you probably worry about them simply because you know they struggle with substance use. Worrying can interrupt your sleep, cause you to hold tension in your body, prevent you from concentrating, and even affect your appetite. You worry because you want to protect your loved one, but in the end, worry can sap you of everything you need to provide protection and support, such as energy, patience, and a positive attitude.

You Play a Role in Your Loved One's Recovery

In short, your loved one needs you at your strongest. While they are taking positive steps forward by enrolling in treatment, it's can be the perfect time for you to take positive steps for yourself as well. 

You can also serve as a role model for your loved one by taking good care of yourself. When you confidently participate in therapy or engage in self-care, you normalize it and show that it's nothing to be ashamed of. You'll send an unspoken message to your loved one: you're in this together. 

Confidant Health Is There for You

Because we know you play such an important role in your loved one's recovery, we want to make it just as easy for you to access therapy and self-help tools too. Try the app today to experience the power of self-help right at your fingertips.