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If you are struggling with alcohol addiction in Texarkana, TX and need help for your mental health or physical well-being we can provide it. Our team of experts has the training to treat both individual therapy as well as group counseling so don't hesitate any longer. To learn more about Confidant Health's alcohol treatment services, please contact us now.

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Why Choose Confidant Health’s Virtual Alcohol Rehab in Texarkana, TX?

Break the cycle.

There are many resources available to those struggling with dependency, and recovery is attainable. With the right support system in place, it may be possible for sobriety permanent than before; we offer online sessions that facilitate building your own personalized plan of action tailored specifically towards you! Let's work together to make change happen.


Accessible and convenient help.

The Confident Health app is a great way to have access and stay connected with all the resources you need when it comes time for recovery. The patient can choose their own support group, as well as create an individual target that will help keep them on track during this journey- making sure they don't get lost or overwhelmed. This innovative software can be used at home or on the go to help you recover from your dependency.


Confidant Health offers individualized alcohol rehabilitation services to help you or a loved one get sober. We work with each person's needs in mind, providing care and support at every stage of healing throughout the process!


What can you expect when you download the Confidant Health app?


Confidant Health is the only app designed to support clinical interventions, medication, and therapy services for addiction treatment.

Confidant Health makes it easy to find a licensed therapist or prescriber. Our chat feature makes it easy to connect with providers on your phone, book an appointment on the go with your mobile device, and connect smoothly at your convenience. Also, there are no hidden fees because the prices are shown before you book a service.

Support for the entire family.

Support groups provide an emotional and social connection to others who are going through similar struggles. Confidant Health is a website that provides users with virtual support communities and other resources for those struggling to deal when their loved ones are having alcohol problems. The clinic's goal? To provide the privacy, convenience, or whatever else might be needed so families can heal together in these trying times without worrying about where they'll find help.


Affordable treatment.

Confidant Health is here to help you take back control of your life from addiction. If a loved one has been struggling with alcoholism, it may be time for them consider rehab and accessible facilities that can provide treatment programs designed just how they need them--our team always knows what's best!

Holistic alcohol treatment.

We know that addiction can be a devastating disease. That's why our treatment approach includes evidence-based therapies proven to help people recover from their addictions, as well assistance with managing cravings and withdrawal symptoms through medication assisted therapy (MAT).


Reach out today to learn more about our services or find out what role we can play in your journey.

How Can We Help You?

We know that no two people are the same. That's why Confidant offers a variety of services, such as addiction and substance abuse treatment, to meet your needs.


Letter to Loved Ones

Addiction impacts the whole family. That’s why we offer services for everyone in recovery. Loved ones don’t need to struggle alone.

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