Confidant’s Community Payment Model allows you to choose the amount you will pay for our services. This model allows the Confidant community to come together and make essential behavioral health services more affordable for those who would otherwise forgo them due to financial considerations. It’s possible because many community members choose to “pay it forward” by signing up for an app subscription and paying the recommended price for services, or even more. 

When you pay for a service (a one-on-one session with a coach, therapist, or prescriber), we provide you with a recommended price, but you can change that amount to anything, even $1, to make the services affordable and accessible to you.

There is no upper limit on the amount you can pay. Any amount above our costs is contributed to the Confidant Community Payment Fund, which is used to pay for services for community members that can’t cover costs.

So how do I know what to pay?

The Community Payment Model at Confidant is made possible because of contributions from members of the community that subsidize care for those that can’t currently afford it. That’s why our recommended price is slightly above our costs. Despite this, we always guarantee that the recommended price at Confidant is lower than the market rate for services in your area. This means affordable care and contributing to the community are both possible at Confidant.

So, start by asking yourself whether paying the recommended price of the service would be a sacrifice, or a hardship?

If you can afford to pay for the service and it wouldn’t cause a sacrifice or hardship, then you should pay the recommended price. Another way to think of this is, if you are comfortably able to meet your financial needs, have access to savings, or can afford to take a vacation, then it’s a good indication that you have financial security and should pay the recommended price. If you fall into this category and find value in our services, you may also consider making additional contributions to the Confidant community through an optional app subscription. This helps to further increase access to care for those who cannot afford it.

On average, 70% of clients pay the recommended rate for services.

If the recommended price would be difficult to pay and, for example, you might need to spend less money on new material goods, like clothing, or entertainment such as dining out, then this is considered a sacrifice. In this case, consider covering the costs of the appointment. You may also fall into this category if you’re in debt or working to move away from living paycheck-to-paycheck. If you aren’t sure if the service is right for you, then it’s okay to pay less to give it a try. Our hope is that you might pay it forward in the future.

If the recommended price would have a harmful impact on your life, for example, you may not be able to afford basic needs like housing, childcare or food, this is considered a hardship. If you’re coming from a place of hardship, you’re encouraged to name the price that makes the service affordable for you, which could be as little as $1. If you decide to name your price in the Confidant app, you might consider paying it forward in the future when you have more stability. Our goal is to help you get there.

Why doesn’t Confidant assign prices?

Your financial situation is complex and can change. If we created a more rigid payment model, it may not be able to account for these changes, and at minimum would require proof of your financial situation. This can be burdensome and uncomfortable. It also wouldn’t allow the flexibility to pay it forward whenever you choose. We trust you to make the right payment amount based on your current circumstances and the value we provide you.