According to Mayo Clinic, the holiday season is full of stressors that can lead to anxiety or depression. The toll on your emotional and mental well-being can even affect your physical health. Add to all that the worries caused by trying to navigate the winter holiday season in the COVID-era. 

Since authorities recommend everyone stay at home this year, most people are dealing with isolation. It can take a toll on anyone, especially if you were looking forward to spending time with loved ones after a difficult year.

The Stress of Staying Home 

Staying home can have a big impact on the health outcomes in your community. So you’re doing the right thing by choosing to do so for the holidays this year.

Unfortunately, isolation can cause stress and loneliness. These feelings are even stronger during the holiday season, and the colder weather certainly doesn't help. That means it's important to focus on your mental, emotional, and physical health during this time.


Practice some form of self-care during this unusual holiday season. Add your favorite self-care activities to your daily routine so that it becomes a habit. For example, take a hot shower and get dressed when you first wake up to feel fresh and motivated all day. Take it a step further by taking up a new health activity, like a nature walk or an online yoga class.

Your Environment

If you're spending the holidays at home, consider your environment. You want to make sure that your space is cozy, comfortable, warm, and cheerful. 

Make home your sanctuary - a place where you want to spend time. Maybe add some festive decor, like string lights. Remember, just cleaning and reorganizing your space can make you feel a lot better. Try watching a home organization show on Netflix to get inspired.

Focus on Growth

Set an intention for your growth this coming year that you can work on over the holiday. Is there an inspiring book you want to read, a relationship you want to improve, a personal growth goal you want to focus on? 

Is there a way to use the extra downtime during the holidays to create a plan for the coming year? The right goals can propel you forward in 2021.

Reach Out

Reach out to loved ones as much as possible. Sometimes we forget how impactful it can be to hear someone's voice or see their face over a video call. Remember, you’re not the only one feeling this way. 

Everyone is feeling isolated, alone, worried, and stressed this year. By reaching out, you can feel that connection that you need, and it will really cheer up your loved ones too.  

You can even send letters and cards to all the people in your life as a way of reaching out. Think about how this very personal outreach can make someone feel really special. Plus, you will probably get some in return as well.

Shared Activities

Plan virtual shared activities with your loved ones. Try holiday-themed trivia with friends and family, plan Zoom get-togethers, watch a Netflix series or movie simultaneously as a loved one. 

Maybe, this is the year to start a book club (holiday-themed movies and books can be a fun way to feel like it's still a holiday season). All of these things can help you stay connected to others and brighten your holiday season.

Extra Support

If you need some extra support this holiday season, Confidant Health is here to help. Whether you feel isolated or lonely this holiday season or just having difficulty coping, get in touch with us. We have therapists you can connect with for affordable prices, all from the comfort and safety of your own home. 

Always remember that talking and real connection helps us even if we can’t do it in person this year.