We all have trouble sticking to our goals. Here are a few tips on making this process a little easier.

Focus on Today

Do you ever feel overwhelmed thinking about how long it might take you to reach your goals? Combat this by avoiding "big picture" thinking after your initial goal-planning session. 

Commit to living one day at a time. Tell yourself you only have to stick to your resolution for today. Whether it's going for a walk, eating a salad, or drinking one glass of wine instead of two, get in the habit of thinking "just for today." You can do anything for a day, right? 

Give Yourself a Reward

Everyone needs a reward for a job well-done, including you! But don't wait too long to pat yourself on the back since frequent rewards have been shown to increase motivation. Something as simple as a sticker on a calendar for each day that you successfully "stick" your resolution can encourage you to keep going. Plan larger rewards for when you earn a certain number of stickers. 

Ask a Friend to Do It With You

It's easy to quit when you're the only one who really knows about your goal. Asking a friend to do it with you or at least share your journey instantly gives you an accountability partner. For example, if you both set a goal of doing a 5k program, you can meet up with each other to run. Because you know your friend will be waiting for you, you're less likely to cancel. 

For goals that involve giving something up, you and your friend can find fun things to do together to replace it with. For example, if you decide not to spend so much time on social media, the two of you can commit to calling each other or doing activities together like going for a walk.

Don't Be Too Hard on Yourself

Sticking to a new goal is hard work, mainly because it's so tempting to throw in the towel as soon as you make a mistake. If a slip-up happens, don't tell yourself that your goal is "ruined." Just take a moment to think about why you chose this goal, and keep going. 

If you can learn how to overcome little moments of cravings or urges and continue towards your goal, you will truly be unstoppable. Use positive self-talk to build yourself back up. If you find yourself caught in a cycle of negativity after a slip-up, reach out to your Confidant team for guidance.

Talk About It and Ask for Support

Announcing your goal to friends and family can give you a sense of commitment and accountability. But you should also remember that your friends and family can provide support if you start to struggle. Talk to them about your ups and downs throughout this journey. Call someone for a pep talk when you feel tempted to stop your goal. If you're unsure who to turn to, your Confidant team will always talk you through it.