Are you experiencing feelings of tightness or tension? Or perhaps you’re feeling anxious or restless? This may be because tension has built up in a particular part of your body. 

Take a moment to close your eyes and scan your body. Which area feels tense? 

Try to incrementally relax your body by focusing your attention on one area at a time, starting with your toes. 

Consciously relax the muscles around your toes, then the muscles around your ankles and lower legs, and so on. 

Move up your entire body. 

Check in with how you’re feeling. Take note of places that feel tense, and try to take a deep breath while focusing on that area. 

Continue through your core, arms, neck and face. 

If you encounter a muscle group that doesn't want to relax, try tensing it tightly and then letting go. Repeat this process if you’d like.