The contemplation plays an important role in the change cycle. During this stage, people wonder if they need to change.

What Happens During the Contemplation Stage?

During the contemplation stage, a person might wonder about the benefit of making a change. Although they might be able to consider the possibility of change, they struggle to make conclusive decisions and might be ambivalent toward the idea.

How Do People Behave During the Contemplation Stage?

In this stage, people weigh the pros and cons of changing behavior. They might think about the negative aspects brought on by what they do, but doubt that change would produce long-term benefits. The inner conflict can lead to indecision.  

How Long Does the Contemplation Stage Last?

The length of the contemplation stage varies. A person might think about changing for a long time without taking action. It's a stage some never move past.

Those who are open to receiving help and information regarding their harmful behavior can reflect on their thoughts and feelings, asking some hard questions. They may welcome friendly advice and look for support.