Sober living programs put you in an environment that is free of drug and alcohol use, but there is no real treatment involved. Confident Health, on the other hand, is a treatment program that provides support without requiring you to relocate or live in a structured facility. 

What is a Sober Home Program?

Sober Homes typically doesn't offer any treatment programs other than AA. What you're paying for in a sober home program is for someone to watch you and prevent relapses.

Usually, you'll live in a house filled with other people. You're also likely to share your room with a roommate, too. The cost of this can be around $1200, similar to what you would pay for your own apartment in many places. 

However, the sober home experience comes without regulation or structure. The focus is more on preventing you from using substances than treating the problem and aid recovery. The leader in these homes tends to be a program graduate that is now living there rent-free in exchange for managing a sober house.

How Confidant Health Differs

Confidant Health provides a structured treatment program customized to your needs. The focus at Confidant Health is on treating the root cause of your addiction to aid in your long-term recovery. You benefit from one-on-one therapy with any of our health care professionals.  

Confidant Health and sober home environments can work together. If you are living in a sober home community and feel you need more support, Confidant Health can help you. You can use and benefit from Confidant Health while in a sober home if that's what you choose to do.