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With the Confidant Health app, you can check out everything the Confidant Community has to offer. Book an appointment with a member of our clinical team or talk to our chatbot, Alfie, to get personalized content and course recommendations.

We can text you a link to download the app:


Explore Our Services

You can book a service on our website or on our app. If you aren't sure where to start, your Matchmaker will start a complimentary conversation with you after you download the app.


1:1 Clinical Support

Confidential, one-on-one appointments with best-in-class behavioral health providers.


Judgement Free

Whatever your goals, we'll help you develop and execute a plan to get there.


Convenient Hours

Meet with providers outside of traditional business hours to work with any schedule.


Transparent Pricing

We take the guesswork out by providing up-front pricing for all of our services.

Get support from the best of the best

Our team includes a comprehensive range of professionals to ensure your needs are met. This means prescribers, therapists, coaches, and care navigators all working together.

But they’re also real people with lived experiences that are committed to practicing with compassion. They’re hip to harm reduction and the stresses modern day life as well as informed about the best clinical practices.

Meet Our Providers

In Confidant, you don’t have to feel alone.

We provide pay-as-you-wish support groups on a wide range of topics, providing the opportunity for you to listen to and learn from your peers. Many providers charge ridiculous prices for group therapy and use it as a primary treatment – we think that’s wrong.

Support groups can be helpful, but shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, or force you to travel to a church basement to connect with others.

Learn more about our groups here

Prefer to go at your own pace?

We get it. Our conversational courses allow you to learn more about a wide range of topics – from anxiety, communication techniques, trust-building exercises, reducing drinking, medication-assisted treatment for opioids, and trauma resolution.

Complete with assessments and activities, these courses are designed to replace the outdated workbooks you’d get if you went to an expensive in-patient facility.

Start a conversational course here

Confidant Community Payment Model

Our "Pay it Forward" approach enables people to access our services for as little as $1 Because your income shouldn't dictate your future.

Read about the community payment model Community Model Image