Get paid for saving lives and
killing stigma, on your schedule.

Treatment for substance use is broken in the United States. We built an entirely new incentive and risk mitigation structure to increase access for lower severity patients who want help.

Be recognized for what you are,
one of the best providers in your area, if not the world.

We’re only selecting the top providers to be part of the Confidant Network. Our vetting process allows you to showcase your previous work and treatment philosophy. We’re only selecting the top 5% of applicants to help maintain our high standards.


I wish we had started using Confidant as soon as my son started using heroin - it would’ve saved us.

Hannah Johnson

We designed the Confidant Network to give
you the best possible experience.

After interviewing hundreds of providers, we built the entire Confidant Network from the ground up to enhance what people loved about working with patients and eliminating what they hate.

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We handle the marketing

We combine a team of dedicated SEO experts with on-the-ground event coordinators to build awareness of the network in your area, both digitally and in-person.
Once you’ve been selected, you’ll be given a Confidant Network profile, that you can link to your other business website to increase traffic to your site to enhance your online reputation.

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We book your appointments

Practicing in the Confidant Network is easy. You simply let us know your availability for the upcoming month and we’ll book you appointments in your available time slots.
Most of our providers start by working a few hours in the evenings or on days they have off.

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We provide the latest training

The science surrounding the affects of substances on our behaviors and brain functions are constantly evolving. The care pathways used by the Confidant Network were developed by leading researchers, advocates, and epidemilogists.
As a member of the Network, you’ll recieve free regular training from these experts to keep you up to date on the latest science and techniques.

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We handle the documentation

Each patient interaction is recorded, transcribed, and documented for you. You’ll work with a dedicated member of our administrative team to best reflect your practice style and thoughts on your interactions with your patients.
Our system has been shown to reduce the administrative burden for providers from an average of 25 minutes to 3 minutes per visit.

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We pay you immediately

Managing billing and collections on your patient visits is a nightmare. When you practice in the Confidant Network, we’ll pay you immediately upon signing off on the documentation we create for you.
To solve this epidemic, we need all the help we can get and we want to make it as easy and rewarding as possible for you to help.


Request network access

If we don’t match you with the best patients for you, we’ll pay you anyways.

Our nation is facing a serious epidemic that needs to be solved now. We need everyone in the community to help, but just because you want to help, doesn’t mean you want to devote your life to it.
That’s why we’ve designed the Confidant Network to allow you to help a like-minded group of providers in your spare time from home.
We know even this change can be a big one, so to help incentize the best providers to join, we’re going to guarantee 5 hours of paid clinical time per month, regardless of whether we book you appointments or not.


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