Being flexible and adaptable is an important part of the recovery process, which is a journey that requires lifestyle changes and opening up to new possibilities and outcomes.

When you open your mind to different beliefs and attitudes, you change your perspective to better understand the root cause of your addiction and increase your feelings of self-compassion and empathy. As a result, you are more self-aware and able to see healthier ways to cope.

How can Openness Aid the Recovery Process?

Opening up to yourself and others is probably the hardest step on the journey to recovery. Discussing your experience with others can lead to breakthroughs. Being open and honest with yourself and a confidant is a way to reaffirm your will to change. 

You learn to accept yourself and begin to heal. When you let others in and allow them to be involved in the recovery process, you can improve your chances of a positive outcome.

Can Flexibility Help with the Journey to Recovery?

Although the journey to recovery is an emotional, mental and even physical challenge, flexibility is a tool able to open your mind to the paths that get you there. Understand that you are a unique individual and what works for someone else may not work for you. So, be flexible with the process and adapt as needed.