Your physical setting is crucial in terms of harm reduction when taking drugs. The goal is to ensure that your physical environment aids in making the experience as safe as possible. 

Do an Assessment

Before taking a drug, ask yourself some questions:

  • Am I safe here? Is the structure of the building secure from things like collapse or fire, for instance?

  • Am I around trustworthy people? You want to be around people who won't take advantage of you when you might not be able to defend yourself.

  • Is the physical environment conducive to what I'm planning to do? For example, you don't want to take a stimulant while riding a train or opioids while in the bath. 

Pick a Familiar Setting

One way to do this is to pick a setting that you know well. It could be your home, room, a friend's house, or anywhere else that you feel safe. Being in a familiar setting can help ensure that nothing goes wrong while using a substance.

Get Supervision

Another way is to ask someone responsible and not impaired to keep an eye on you. You want to make sure that someone is close by to get help if you need it.

Go to a Medically Supervised Facility

Consider a supervised consumption facility near you. These facilities are specifically created to help you reduce harm while using a substance. Here you will be in a safe environment and supervised by a trained medical professional. They are there to help prevent overdose deaths and injuries that can occur when people use drugs.

You always need to plan, so you know you are doing everything possible to reduce the harm of taking a substance.