If you're thinking about taking a drug, it's good to be informed. By learning about the substance and its effect's, you can help minimize any potential problems. 

Clearly Understand What Drug You're Taking

The first step is to know and understand what drug you're taking. Some substances resemble one another, so you always want to do your research. Understand the immediate and long-term effects of the drug, as well as any possible risks.

In some cases, you may be able to test the drug to confirm its purity. Many testing kits recognize levels of MDMA, amphetamines, and other substances. 

Determine How You'll Take the Drug

Once you've decided which drug you're taking, you need to determine the least harmful way to ingest it. Conventional methods include oral consumption, snorting, smoking, and injecting. 

Oral consumption usually lasts the longest and is the least intense. Injecting a substance tends to provide the most intense experience, but the high wears off quickly. Snorting and smoking are in the middle.  

Some methods might be healthier than others. For example, the oral ingestion of marijuana saves your lungs from being exposed to smoke. 

Understand Your Surroundings

Drugs have many different effects. Try to think ahead and make sure the drug's influence won't be inappropriate for the situation. For example, you probably shouldn't ingest any substance before operating a vehicle. 

If you're about to get on an airplane, taking a stimulating drug like amphetamines or cocaine might cause problems, such as heightened anxiety and restlessness. If you're going to need to engage in vigorous physical activity,  a potent depressant might not be a great idea. 

Recognize the Risks of Mixing Drugs

The risks of using drugs can become much more severe if you start mixing substances. Many combinations like heroin and amphetamines or cocaine, and alcohol are quite common. However, they can significantly increase the intensity of the drugs and the possibility of medical consequences like a heart attack. 

Make sure to research the effects of the drugs you're taking beforehand so you can have the safest experience possible.