When someone you care about is hurting, you want to help. But there isn’t always a clear solution. Overstepping can also make a delicate situation worse. So it can be hard to know how to show support. We put together a few ways that you can offer emotional support that can help the person you care about feel validated and know that you care.

Simple ways to show emotional support

  • Ask the person what support looks like for them, rather than making assumptions

  • Make a thoughtful gesture: phone call, text, email, card, etc.

  • Fill a post-it with supportive reminders and quotes

  • Just show up & check in with them - “I’ve been thinking about you” goes a long way!

  • Recognize their efforts and say, "Thank you!"

  • Truly "see" & “hear” the person - free from all distractions

  • Step in to do the ‘To-Dos’ 

  • Remind them of their favorite things

  • Text an unexpected, sincere compliment

  • Un-plan time together to give them space

  • Plan time together if they want comfort or a distraction

  • Venmo them

Try to think of your own unique, creative, supportive gestures you can offer to a person in need of your support. If you aren't sure how to help, reach out to a coach to talk it through.