Holistic Addiction Treatment in Kent, CT

Confidant Health offers evidence-based therapy to assist you in reaching your objectives. We've assembled a knowledgeable team to help you since we are aware of how difficult it may be to break a drug or alcohol habit. Since no one should suffer in silence, Confident Health also provides counseling and mental health treatments.

The Confidant Health app is a discreet way to find help. Download our confidential and safe app today.

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Why Choose Confidant Health For Your Addiction Treatment Needs in Kent, CT?

Patient-centered therapy

Each patient's needs are taken into consideration when providing substance use disorder treatment at Confidant Health. We will collaborate with you to determine your unique needs in order to provide the finest treatment possible. The goal of Confidant Health is to assist you or a loved one in achieving peak physical and emotional health.


Accessible experts.

By making entire resources and providers of addiction treatment more accessible, Confidant Health helps save lives. Traditional barriers like cost, commuting distance, awkward hours, and onerous standards are eliminated to ensure that you are treated fairly.

Effective treatment plans.

Confidential health care teams collaborate with individuals to create individualized treatment strategies for substance use disorder. Our team of professionals will work with you one-on-one to pinpoint and treat the underlying reasons of your behaviors in order to assist you in recovering from substance abuse.


What can you expect when you download the Confidant Health app?


Confidant Health is the only app designed to support clinical interventions, medication, and therapy services for addiction treatment.

When you download the Confidant Health app, you can connect with our care navigators, arrange appointments with qualified therapists and clinicians in Kent, and meet remotely with them through the app. Because we want you to focus on getting better, all expenses are disclosed before booking services, so you never have to worry about unexpected or outrageous payments after your treatment.

Assistance for your entire family.

It can be challenging, but not impossible, to find the perfect words to support a loved one who suffers from a drug use illness. Confidant enables you to comprehend how life and love can feel for someone who is also experiencing difficulty in this area of their lives.


Receive help instantly.

Anyone in need of assistance with their mental health should turn to Confidant Health as their best option. Users may access the app's user-friendly design at any time of day or night to get expert counseling services, so there's never a concern about missing something crucial.

Holistic treatment approach.

Confidant Health offers a range of ways of dependence treatment. The Confidant program for treating addiction includes coaching, counseling, medication, and support groups. You can utilize our self-guided behavior modification tool to assist you in achieving your health, relationship, and well-being objectives. You may relax knowing that your loved ones will receive the greatest care while they are recovering.


Reach out today to learn more about our services or find out what role we can play in your journey.

How Can We Help You?

We know that no two people are the same. That's why Confidant offers a variety of services, such as addiction and substance abuse treatment, to meet your needs.


Letter to Loved Ones

Addiction impacts the whole family. That’s why we offer services for everyone in recovery. Loved ones don’t need to struggle alone.

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