Change the way you use drugs and alcohol - without putting your life on hold.

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Through our evidence-based 8-week protocols tailored specifically to you, you’ll get the strategies, tools, and information you need to have a better relationship with substances.


We want to hear your story and
help you write the next chapter.


It’s all about you.

It’s really hard to change your behavior when you’re just changing it to the tune of someone else’s goal. You set the goal, the pace, and the definition of success. We help you get there.


Donna DeLuca, CARES Family Support Groups

I’ve never seen a more holistic, person-centered approach to treatment. It’s exciting to finally see a solution that addresses so many of the issues in accessing great care.

Progress is power.

Reaching any goal, whether it’s small or monumental, is comprised of many little actions and decisions. We will help you to recognize and celebrate the little wins along the way, because even baby steps get you closer to where you want to be.


William, Early Confidant User

I started using Confidant on a whim, not thinking much of it. Now that I’ve used it for weeks, I’m surprised at how much my life has changed. The providers are great and the care they gave me has helped me a lot.


Multiple forms of support.

Sometimes you need community, other times you need an expert provider. Sometimes you need lifestyle resources, other times you need Medication Assisted Treatment. We offer the support you need, when you need it.


See The Evidence

We relied on the best science available to build the Confidant clinical protocol. Our protocols are based on high-quality, evidence-based research and studies, like this one.

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Your life doesn't have to hit pause to start changing your relationship with drugs.

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