Diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Regardless of your abilities, beliefs, or background we accept you the way you are. We strive to be an equitable employer where people love to work, and to deliver culturally competent care to our communities.

You can be yourself at Confidant.


Meeting your unique needs.

Our clients have different backgrounds, cultures and strengths. At Confidant, we practice care that is accepting and judgement-free. We strive to understand and be responsive to diverse needs, perspectives and goals.

Confidant staff recognize and embrace diversity in relationships, race, beliefs, customs, dress, location, heritage, history, experience, perspective and more.

Everyone is welcome here.

A part of something larger.

There are systems in our society that privilege some and disadvantage others. We encourage our team to learn about these systems and question their roles.

We strive to recognize our privilege and take an active role in dismantling the engrained systems that oppress people in our society, including white supremacy, patriarchy, heterosexism, ableism, classism, ageism, and anti-Semitism.


Diversity makes us stronger.

Diversity is a priority in our hiring practices. We work to ensure that our staff reflect the clients we support, and that our services are inclusive and responsive.

The Confidant team is committed to an ongoing process of being culturally competent and ensuring that diverse cultural needs are met throughout our services. We’re imperfect, but constantly working to improve.

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