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Grandparents Group

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First Tuesday of the Month

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90 Minutes

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Recommended donation of $10, pay what you can

The Grandparent's group is a community of people that have stepped in to take care of grandchildren due to the parent's substance use or mental health issues. The group fosters connections between individuals facing similar obstacles, and helps them navigate barriers to needed resources. The group meets on a monthly basis and the topics of discussion are member driven.


Get Support

You're not alone in this process. Meet and learn from others who've been there too.


100% Virtual

Skip the church basement and meet from the comfort of your couch at home.


Donation Based

Only pay for the value you receive from the groups, nothing else.


Clinical Moderators

All groups are moderated by trained healthcare providers, so you can trust the information being shared.


Any grandparent, relative, or close friend who is caring for a child/adolescent who is not in the care of their biological parent(s) as a result of substance misuse, addiction, and/or mental health needs.


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    The opportunity to process and gain support from a group of individuals facing similar obstacles

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    The ability to freely discuss and strategize around visitation, co-parenting, and child care

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    The support needed to process feelings connected with your view of the biological parents

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    The ability to connect with outside resources to meet your needs


Group Organizer

Sarah Geary

When I work with clients, I focus on building up the positives in their lives, regardless of their starting point. I aim to be approachable and supportive and use my training and community connections to serve the client’s needs, whatever those may be. Whether you’re looking for situational support, or long-term care, I can work with you based on your goals and objectives. I specialize in working with families, ranging from grandparents to young adults. Regardless of your situation I hope to help you navigate challenges, cope with every day life, and learn to thrive.