Donna DeLuca

Family Care Navigator

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For over 20 years Donna’s passion and mission has been to provide quality education, support, resources, and hope to those with loved ones struggling with substance use and mental health issues. Her professional background and lived experience as a mother of two sons in recovery from addiction have given her a first-hand perspective of how mental health and substance abuse issues are inextricably connected.

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I am open, attentive, understanding, and embrace those that have anyone in their lives struggling with mental health and substance use disorders. My approach is compassionate and non-judgmental. As a mother of two children now in recovery, I am passionate about sharing my experiences and helping family members and friends become educated, empowered, and find a path to self-care and hope for themselves and those they love. I founded the C.A.R.E.S. (Community Addiction & Recovery Education & Support) Group, a Connecticut organization offering support services and recovery resources for families and friends of those struggling with mental health and substance use disorders, and have since connected with thousands of families dealing with the impact of addiction.


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