Pre-addiction Treatment and Support through the Confidant Health App

You don’t have to go through this alone.

Pre-addiction is a stage of substance use disorders that occurs before full-fledged addiction. Recognizing and acting during the pre-addiction period can help avoid addiction and enhance general health. Getting help at the pre-addiction stage should be tailored and all-encompassing. If you are struggling with pre-addiction, you may believe that traditional addiction treatment options are inappropriate for you and uninteresting. That's fine! Confidant may be able to provide you with virtual help. We'll tailor your plan to your specific requirements and assist you in reaching your objectives.

Let us address the issue before it worsens! Through the Confidant Health app's pre-addiction treatment, we assist patients in avoiding becoming addicted.

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Why Choose Confidant Health for your Pre-addiction Treatment

Comprehensive and personalized treatment for you.

Getting help at the pre-addiction stage should be tailored and all-encompassing. At Confidant, we understand that everyone's pre-addiction is unique, which is why we provide therapy that is personalized to your specific needs.


Choose your own path to success.

Confidant is here to assist you in choosing the best path for your success, and this may need experimenting with a variety of approaches. Coaching, counseling, medication, peer support groups, and virtual treatments are all things that we can help you with.

Support from experts.

Make an informed decision that you can live with our assistance. Whether you choose moderation or complete abstinence, our counselors are here to help you make the right decision for you. You can find the correct approach for your circumstance with individualized comments and support from caring specialists.



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The Confidant Health App
Whether you download the app or call our hotline, the Confidant team will make sure that we attend to your needs right away.
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Acquaintance Call
The Confidant app will connect you to our virtual office manager who’ll direct and orient you about all treatment options available.
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First Virtual Appointment
Our virtual office manager will set you up with a clinician or a counselor/therapist, depending on your needs.
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Post-Virtual Appointment
The assigned clinician or counselor/therapist will make recommendations on how you can best engage with the Confidant app and care team.
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Chat with Alfie
Should you have any other concerns, questions, or suggestions, you can always send a message to Alfie and we’ll try to respond to them right away

Reverse the pre-addiction. Let us help you.


Letter to Loved Ones

Addiction impacts the whole family. That’s why we offer services for everyone in recovery. Loved ones don’t need to struggle alone.

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Pre-addiction Treatment FAQs