Medication-assisted Treatment Through Confidant’s Virtual Suboxone Clinic

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is an FDA-approved medication that can help treat people who are experiencing opioid use disorder (OUD). It has been shown to be an effective treatment for opioid addiction, which according to the American Psychiatric Association affects close to two million Americans. The drug works by altering the person's brain chemistry and will stop withdrawal symptoms, while also reducing cravings for drugs like opioids.

With our treatment plans and medications, like Suboxone, we can help you get back on track. The Confidant Health app is a confidential and discreet way to access a virtual Suboxone clinic. Download our app and we’ll attend to your needs right away

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How does Suboxone work?

One of the most common forms of treatment for Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) is Suboxone. The medication works by blocking the effects of opioids, which can counteract any high feelings. It also helps with withdrawal symptoms and cravings.
The use of opioids has increased in recent years due to the prescription of painkillers. Opioids are very addictive and can have severe effects on your mental health. If you suspect that you are experiencing OUD, seek help through the Confidant Health app right away.


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The Confidant Health App
Whether you download the app or call our hotline, the Confidant team will make sure that we attend to your needs right away.
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Acquaintance Call
The Confidant app will connect you to our virtual office manager who’ll direct and orient you about all treatment options available.
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First Virtual Appointment
Our virtual office manager will set you up with a clinician or a counselor/therapist, depending on your needs.
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Post-Virtual Appointment
The assigned clinician or counselor/therapist will make recommendations on how you can best engage with the Confidant app and care team.
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Chat with Alfie
Should you have any other concerns, questions, or suggestions, you can always send a message to Alfie and we’ll try to respond to them right away

Get on the path to recovery with Confidant Health’s virtual Suboxone clinic.


Letter to Loved Ones

Addiction impacts the whole family. That’s why we offer services for everyone in recovery. Loved ones don’t need to struggle alone.

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