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We have something for everyone. Some groups offer learning and training opportunities. Others serve as healing communities. Confidant Groups meet virtually and are facilitated by trained professionals and peers.

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Groups are formed around topics, demographics, or communities. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, let’s get a new group started!

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Confidant Cares Family & Friends Group

120 members

Individuals caring for someone with addiction need support too. Credentialed addiction professionals facilitate therapeutic discussions among care givers and provide guidance and education.

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Healthier Habits Group

110 members

Learn strategies to solidify healthier habits and change behaviors.

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Grief Drop-In Group

5 members

Grief is normal in the face of loss. Get support in processing grief, learn about the stages of grief, and connect with others in a safe space. The stages of grief are: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

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What makes Confidant Special

We built the technology and the network from the ground up to support a better future for healthcare.

Confidant Support Groups are safe spaces.

What happens in Confidant Groups is confidential. During your session and on your message board our trained facilitators are there to ensure the groups abide by our code of conduct.

Being vulnerable can be scary, but you’re not alone. The Confidant Community is in it together.


Confidant Support Groups are led by experts.

Confidant Groups are facilitated by our awesome providers and coaches. They share lived experience and provide guidance on a variety of topics during the Groups and on the message boards.

If you aren’t ready to schedule an appointment, joining a Group can give you an opportunity to get to meet some of our providers.

Confidant Support Groups create connection.

Whether you’re looking for more information, personal advise, or to find comfort among others with a shared experience Confidant Groups make it easy to connect.

Confidant creates a sense of community to help you get through the tough moments and to celebrate your wins.