Living a Sober Life

This group is geared toward people who abstain from drugs and alcohol (don't use mood or mind altering substances), or who are trying to achieve and maintain sobriety. We will discuss different pathways and strategies for improving your life and embracing your recovery and sobreity.



Mondays at 6pm EST



1 hour



Recommended donation of $10, pay what you can

This group is focused on supporting individuals in living their best lives while embracing sobriety. Whether you are in long-term recovery, recently stopped using drugs and alcohol, or are trying to get there, this group can help you by sharing experiences with peers and discussing strategies to increase our overall quality of life. While many of us have tried to reduce our substance use, we have often failed at this approach and our lives have again become unmanageable. For this reason, this group embraces and celebrates sobriety, but recognizes that moderation can work for others. Join us on Monday for a strong start to your week!


Certified Facilitators

This group is moderated by certified recovery coaches, so you can trust the information they share.


100% Virtual

Skip the church basement and meet from the comfort of your couch at home.


Get Support

You're not alone in this process. Meet and learn from others who've been there too.


Donation Based

Only pay for the value you receive from the groups, nothing else.


Monday Recovery is a group for anyone who has removed drugs and alcohol from their lives completely or for those who are trying to get to a point of complete abstinence. Whether you’ve been sober for 30 years, or are desperately trying to get to 1 day, this group can help you understand your battle and equip you with the tools needed to win each and every day.


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    Why be abstinent? (why moderation doesn’t work for some)

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    Habit breaking and healthy habit creating

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    Self-awareness and control

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    Discussion topics such as: spirituality, substance use in society, and our families

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    Tactics to create healthy routines

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    SMART Goals


Group Organizer

Tom Tyrrell

Tom is a counselor specializing in supporting individuals and families impacted by addiction. Tom’s own son is five years in recovery, a process which pushed Tom to begin facilitating a family support group in his home state, and then to pursue a degree in psychology.