Confidant Cares Family & Friends Group

Individuals caring for someone with addiction need support too. Credentialed addiction professionals facilitate therapeutic discussions among care givers and provide guidance and education.



Monday and Thursday 7pm EST



2 hours



Recommended contribution of $10, pay what you can

The Confidant Cares Family Support Group is a safe, confidential virtual venue for parents and other concerned individuals to discuss a loved one’s suspected or confirmed use of drugs and alcohol. Credentialed addiction professionals teach and guide participants using evidence-based peer-to-peer support. Group meetings provide education, encouragement, and empowerment for family members to best help their loved one. Through skilled facilitation and mentorship, participants learn strategies that assist them in coping with the many negative consequences often associated with substance misuse and addiction. Our attendees find relief from the debilitating feelings of stress, guilt, shame, anger, fear, anxiety, loss, grief and social isolation. Members find solace knowing that they are not alone in their struggles. Regular group attendance promotes healing and hope. Join us to increase your courage, resilience, and understanding - you’re not in this alone!


Get Support

You're not alone in this process. Meet and learn from others who've been there too.


Clinical Moderators

All groups are moderated by trained healthcare providers, so you can trust the information being shared.


Contribution Based

Only pay for the value you receive from the groups, nothing else.


100% Virtual

Skip the church basement and meet from the comfort of your couch at home.


This group is for parents, loved ones, and caregivers of individuals with suspected or confirmed substance use disorders. Participants get maximum benefit by regularly attending the group sessions for as long as they need. More consistent attendance means better outcomes.


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    The Confidant Cares Group offers a safe space to discuss issues, reflect, and build skills that will help you while caring for someone with an addiction.


Group Organizer

Donna DeLuca

I am open, attentive, understanding, and embrace those that have anyone in their lives struggling with mental health and substance use disorders. My approach is compassionate and non-judgmental. As a mother of two children now in recovery, I am passionate about sharing my experiences and helping family members and friends become educated, empowered, and find a path to self-care and hope for themselves and those they love. I founded the C.A.R.E.S. (Community Addiction & Recovery Education & Support) Group, a Connecticut organization offering support services and recovery resources for families and friends of those struggling with mental health and substance use disorders, and have since connected with thousands of families dealing with the impact of addiction.