Many treatment providers believe that complete and total abstinence is the only solution for those who use drugs. There are other ways and options worth considering if that feels like too much. The journey to recovery is different for each individual, and, for your loved one, sobriety sampling might be the right choice.

What is Sobriety Sampling?

Sobriety sampling offers a starting point to people who find it difficult to imagine never using a substance again. With this approach, the goal is to stop for a time of their choosing -- it could be two weeks or two months, whatever they decide.

While not using, your loved one can work out how they feel about the drug. They can develop confidence that helps them understand their relationship with it, as well.  They will need your help, support, and encouragement. It may be difficult at first, but it will get easier as they do it more often.

How Does Sobriety Sampling Help?

Sober sampling allows this person to experience abstinence in a tolerable way since there's an end date. During this time, it's possible to figure out what works and what doesn't and then decide how to proceed with their recovery.

Abstinence then becomes a personal process that can be controlled, so it may seem less daunting than other more traditional techniques. Your loved one is more likely to progress in a positive direction when they frame their goals themselves.