When a loved one is using drugs in unhealthy ways, we may want to see them stop and stay stopped as soon as possible. It's important to adjust our expectations so we can respond to them reasonably and empathetically as they work towards recovery. 

The Goal May Be to Moderate

Your loved one's goal may not match your conception of stopping. They may want to moderate their use of a drug  -- completely stopping may not be the right choice for now. 

Maintaining Change

The most difficult thing for your loved one might be to sustain change over the long run. There will be lots of ups and downs on the journey.  It's important to understand this so you can provide support during these ups and downs.

How Much Treatment Support Does Your Loved One Need?

Treatment support serves as a backbone for behavior moderation. Treatment comes in different levels, though, and a formal inpatient program isn't always necessary. 

The new conception of substance problems is that there's no one-size-fits-all solution. For some, support might look like therapy and group meetings; for others, it might mean medication and in-patient assistance. It may be necessary to work with a professional to help determine the level of support your loved one needs.