There are five stages to the behavior change cycle, and action is the fourth stage. This stage occurs when you have decided to change your behavior, and you have a strategy in place to make that happen and take action.

What Happens During the Action Stage?

The action stage is when real change happens. You are taking the steps needed to make your life better.

Depending on your goals, the action stage can occur slowly over time, or it can be sudden and involve a complete lifestyle change. It may take some getting used to, but the reward will be worth it.

How to Succeed During the Action Stage

It would be useful to have a support system in place. During this stage, you should be looking for better coping skills as different emotions come to the surface, too.

Make sure to congratulate or reward yourself during the process. The behavior changes you are making can be challenging, and any progress is a wonderful achievement. Treat it that way by celebrating your success (with healthy choices) throughout the journey.