During the preparation stage, you start developing the skills necessary for change and creating strategies to make it happen. 

What Happens During the Preparation Stage?

You could consider the preparation stage as a research phase. It's when people try to find out how they can get help or how to make changes on their own. They tend to read a lot of information about their problems and develop strategies to change behavior.

How Long Is the Preparation Stage?

The length of the preparation stage varies according to the individual. During this stage, people are committed to making a change, so they take only as long as they need to find a way to make that happen.

Some skip this stage entirely and jump right into the action phase. That might not be the best idea, though, as people who don’t do their research can struggle to overcome common bumps in the road.

Could You Help Someone in the Preparation Stage?

People in the preparation stage might reach out to family or friends who struggled with the same problem in an attempt to find a solution. Being honest and presenting realistic information will help them fully commit to change.