Your emotions and feelings are there for a reason -- to guide you through life. However, they can quickly rule your life if you don't learn to harness them and use them to your advantage. There are numerous ways that you can approach this task, and it will be up to you to find a technique that works best.  

Mindfulness to Transform Your Emotions

The study and practice of mindfulness is an excellent way of dealing with negative emotions. Mindfulness requires you to be aware of what you are feeling at the moment.

For example, sit quietly, close your eyes, and take an inventory of what is happening right now. What do you smell, and what do you feel on your skin. Listen to your breathing.  Now, ask yourself, what are your emotions right now? What is behind those emotions? Are they based on reality or distorted thinking? 

Practicing mindfulness becomes more comfortable over time and will soon feel natural to you. You can enhance the benefits by doing yoga and meditation, as well. Together these techniques can help keep you calm while connecting your emotions and body. 

Emotional Management Techniques

Mindfulness is not your only option; here are some other ways to transform your emotions:

  • Write about your feelings in a journal to help identify your triggers.

  • Recite affirmations or mantras to become more positive. When you tell yourself that you are strong and you can get through everything with ease, your subconscious mind believes it.

  • Doing exercise will help you get rid of stressful emotions while keeping you fit and healthy.


  •  There are many ways for you to use and transform your emotions with just a bit of effort.