Cultivating wisdom is learning to do the right thing at the right time and for the right reasons. You won't gain wisdom by checking things off a list but rather through intentional actions and purposeful practices. 

Cultivate Wisdom by Seeking to Understand Life

You can cultivate wisdom by seeking to understand life, such as what values are and ways to pinpoint the things that are important to you. You must discover for yourself how relationships work and what leads to contentment. 

By trying to figure these things out, you can admit to yourself that you still have a lot to learn. Let this motivate and inspire you to continue your search for knowledge. 

Cultivate Wisdom by Judging Sources of Knowledge

Another way to cultivate wisdom is by learning how to discern and judge sources of knowledge from an objective perspective. It's a practice that gives you a broader point of view and helps you accurately discern between valid and invalid wisdom. One way is to be a life-long learner and avid reader.

Cultivate Wisdom By Asking the Hard Questions

Finally, to cultivate wisdom, you need to be able to ask yourself hard questions. Namely, existential questions that can make you feel uncomfortable and which are difficult to answer. What is the meaning of life? What is your purpose? 

These skills will serve you well as you seek to cultivate wisdom and grow.