Shame is a emotion that adds to feelings of inadequacy or guilt. You can let these feelings shape your experience and add to the struggle or be the source of your motivation to heal. 

What Can Shame Teach You?

Consider viewing feelings of shame for what they are; an indication that you may be living your life outside of your values. This means that being ashamed of your actions or behaviors can teach you plenty about what you value in life. These feelings can guide you in a better direction where you feel more aligned with your personal values.

How Can I Use My Feelings of Shame During Recovery?

Remember that the behavior you are ashamed of occurred as a coping mechanism to deal with external stressors. Use the feelings of shame to guide your choices and find alternative ways to deal with your problems 

Look for alternative and healthy coping mechanisms that work best for you without letting them make you feel ashamed and flawed. You will know you are on the right path for your recovery journey if your decisions lead to positive emotions.