A healthy support system is something you use every day. It is like building muscle for the time when you need to be strong. The best way to make sure that your support is ready to respond is by connecting and frequently talking to the people in your system. It will help them understand how they can help you. 

Maintaining that connection will help your self-esteem, feelings of being connected, and help you feel validated in your recovery journey. It will also support an increased level of trust and confidence that the support team will be available if needed. These non-emergency connections will help you see that each member of your support system is a kind, honest, and caring person. They will celebrate your accomplishments and support you no matter what because they believe in you. They can also help you try new things and improve your view of yourself and how you talk to yourself (self-talk).

Check out the Confidant Health Learning Library's ‘Relationships and Communication’ section to discover more about Relationship Styles.