Taking a break from drinking, even just for a few weeks or a month, can help you to feel more energized and revived. According to Healthline, a break from alcohol doesn't just have physical benefits, but also mental ones. 

Alcohol in moderation can be fine, but if you feel that your drinking habit has gotten out of your control, then it may be time for you to take a break. If this sounds tough for you, don't worry, there are ways to make it easier.

Assess Your Relationship with Alcohol

To better understand your motivations and purpose for choosing this option, ask yourself the following questions. Although it may be challenging to be honest when it comes to this subject, try to answer these questions truthfully and without judgment.

  1. How often and how much am I drinking?

  2. What are the reasons I drink?  

  3. How do I feel before I drink?  

  4. How do I feel afterward?  

  5. How does alcohol affect my social relationships?

  6. Do I get to work on time?

  7. Am I hungover a lot?

  8. Do I find myself thinking about alcohol? 

Your answers should give you greater insight into your current situation, which can help you stick with your decision to take a break.

Adjust Your Plan

Replace alcohol with something different. For example, if you usually have a glass of wine when you get home from work, try something new, like taking a walk or doing a yoga class. 

Don't just stop the habit but replace it with something else. It's a great opportunity to take up hobbies you may have forgotten you enjoyed in the past or to try new ones. By replacing alcohol consumption with something fun or exciting, you'll be able to maintain this lifestyle change better.

Notice How You Feel

After you've stopped drinking for a few days or a week, take note of how you feel. Do you find it easier to wake up in the mornings? Do you feel less anxious? What are the positive changes in your life?

Although you may be struggling or dealing with some negative emotions too, focusing on what's good will make you feel like this experience is worthwhile. Plus, the longer you take a break from alcohol, the more the positive feelings will start to outweigh the negative ones.

Resist Peer Pressure

Resist peer pressure and, if possible, replace it. Find a friend you can hang out with who doesn't feel the need to drink to have fun. 

Choose friends who love fitness or outdoor activities. Also, on weekends make plans for dinner and a movie with someone supportive of you. When it comes to your social circle, you need to choose people who will help you and appreciate your lifestyle change instead of tempting you.

Conscious Drinking Habits

When or if you do start drinking again, be more conscious of your habits. Assess what you want to change with regards to your drinking before you start again. Write down your goals, for example, drinking only a certain amount, having more water, or avoiding shots. 

These ideas are all helpful when you're taking a break from drinking. Contact Confidant Health for more great tips to help you cut back.