A 2016 study revealed that for many, alcohol use increases throughout the week and peaks on Saturdays. It found that people tend to drink more to decrease tension during the weeknights, rather than for social reasons. Consider some tips for drinking less on weeknights. 

Think About Why You Drink Alcohol

Think about your reasons for drinking. Do you drink to de-stress from your day? Do you drink to help you sleep? After finding out why you drink, you can explore options to help you cut back. 

Alternatives to Alcohol for Relaxation

If you find you use alcohol regularly to relax, you might be relying on it to cope with stress. So, it may be time to add some healthy alternatives for stress management to your life. 

Exercise is one great active way to help you relax, feel more in control, and give you energy. Workout at the gym or take a walk in the park. Do something active to help get your circulation going and your heart rate up. It will naturally reduce your stress and tension.

There are so many calming activities you can do to unwind without the use of alcohol. Try yoga or learn to meditate; for example, both can calm your body down and reduce stress. 

Guided imagery is a relaxing exercise, as well. With guided imagery, you picture yourself in a relaxing place.

Finding a hobby is another healthy way to relax, and there are so many to explore. A few examples are gardening, fishing, knitting, or painting. Find one you enjoy. 

Ways to Limit the Amount of Alcohol You Drink

Setting limits for yourself allows you to know how much you are drinking.  Here are some tips:

  • First, keep a record of how much you drink each night for a week. Memory is not always accurate, so keep a pad of paper nearby and jot down a mark for every alcoholic drink. 

  • Next, set limits on the amount of alcohol you want to drink in the evening, such as having one glass of wine or one beer with your meal and stop there. Be aware of how much alcohol counts as a drink, too.

  • Have water before the alcohol, so you’re not drinking extra just because you’re thirsty. 

  • Eat food before drinking alcohol, too. Be careful to avoid overly salty foods, though. Snacks like chips or salted nuts can make you thirstier.

If you still struggle on weeknights or find it hard to not drink alcohol in excess at company events or happy hours with friends, then you may be a candidate for Naltrexone. It is a medication that can help you decrease your alcohol use. Confidant can connect you with a healthcare provider to talk with about the possible use of Naltrexone to reduce your alcohol consumption.

The best way to come up with a plan to decrease your drinking during the weeknights begins with you figuring out the why and building on that to reach your goal of drinking less.