You don't have to send your blood alcohol content (BAC) through the roof to have a great time drinking with friends at the bar. If you want to drink less, develop a plan for the entire night, starting with before you leave the house and ending with your safe arrival back home. Try these tips the next time you go out.

Don't Drink Before You Go

Avoid "pre-gaming" or drinking before you get to the bar. Think about why you start drinking at home and consider trying a different strategy.

For example, if it helps you feel less anxious or awkward when you first enter the bar, try going without having a drink at home first and see what happens. You might realize it's not awkward at all.

Buy Smaller Drinks

Do you typically buy doubles or order full pints?  Try singles and glass instead of a pint, and make it last as long as a larger drink.

Stay away from shots, though. They can cause your BAC to rise fast because you get all the alcohol at once. 

Order Something Else Between Drinks

In addition to sipping on drinks to make them last longer, you can order water or a non-alcoholic beverage after every alcoholic one. Sip on this drink as well. Sometimes merely holding a glass and having something to sip is all you need to feel comfortable.

Eat Before and While You Drink

Drinking on an empty stomach will cause your body to absorb alcohol into the bloodstream at a faster rate. Slow down the rate of alcohol absorption and the effects of it by eating something before you head out to the bar. Then keep snacking throughout the night to avoid an ever-increasing BAC. 

Go Home When You're Bored

Have a game plan for when you'll leave. You don't necessarily have to watch the clock, but plan to head home when you start to feel bored or tired. Avoid using feelings of boredom or fatigue as a reason to grab another drink.

Even if your friends want to stay at the bar until it closes, you can call it a night at any time. Use Uber or Lyft to get a safe ride home if your friends aren't ready to leave yet.

Don't Carry a Tab

Paying for your drink every time you go to a bar helps you keep track of both your alcohol consumption and your spending. You'll know you're succeeding in drinking less at bars when you spend less throughout the evening. Saving money could be an excellent motivator for continuing to drink less and less.

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