It's easy to see every situation as doom-and-gloom when you're stressed, but this isn't the healthiest way to get through your day. Keep this list of strategies handy for when you need a boost of optimism and positivity. 

Do Hourly Check-Ins

We're not often stressed about what's currently happening to us, but instead, we anticipate what will happen in the future. Bring yourself back into the present moment by asking, "Am I okay right this second?" 

Chances are, you're doing just fine in the here-and-now. Keep checking-in with yourself. "Am I okay?" Yes, you're okay! 

Enlist Friends to Cheer You On

Your first instinct might be to isolate yourself when you're having a bad day, week, or month. But confiding in someone can help tremendously. 

Text a friend (or five) and let them know you're having a rough time. You don't have to share details if you don't want to, but definitely ask them to share something funny or happy with you to cheer you up. Don't be afraid to turn to that one friend who always shares funny memes on Facebook. They're sure to have something up their sleeve to lighten the mood. 

Take a Five-Minute Breather

Check out the Mental Health section of the Confidant app and try our Mindfulness Techniques. These easy exercises will help you reset your mind any time you start to feel overwhelmed with stress. You'll learn how to focus on your breathing and all five senses to soothe your mind and improve your mental well-being. 

Imagine Everything Going Perfectly

When we're stressed, we tend to imagine everything going wrong. What if we miss our flight? What if we make a fool of ourselves during that presentation? 

Instead, practice positive visualization by imagining everything going perfectly. You'll arrive at the airport relaxed and with time to spare. You'll speak eloquently, and all the technology will work perfectly during your presentation. 

If you feel stressed but aren't sure why you imagine yourself in a "happy place." According to the Cleveland Clinic, positive imagery can produce a state of deep relaxation and focus, promoting healing. Your mind and body will feel refreshed after this quick relaxation break. 

Look for Positivity

Perhaps you've coped with stress or negative situations by "expecting the worst and hoping for the best." The idea is that you avoid disappointment by keeping your expectations low and assuming things will go wrong. However, this cultivates a negative mindset. 

Instead, practice looking for positives in every situation. What went well? What did you learn from the experience? Find the silver lining, even when things don't turn out to be a rousing success.

Listen to Your Favorite Song or Watch Your Favorite Movie

Sometimes you need a feel-good moment or a laugh to release some stress and lighten your mood. Take your mind off your worries by getting absorbed in your favorite entertainment. 

Watch a clip from your favorite TV series or movie. Put on your favorite song. Create a playlist of feel-good music you can't help but dance or sing to. Movement releases feel-good hormones, and singing encourages deep breathing, so don't hold back!

Talk to Your Confidant Team

If you're feeling really overwhelmed with stress, talking about it can provide significant relief. At Confidant, our mission is to make therapists more accessible than ever. Don't hesitate to log into the app and request a session with your Confidant team.