If you feel like you often experience unexplained mood swings, you might be an empath. There are three main types of empaths: emotional, physical, and intuitive.

What Is an Empath?

An empath is deeply attuned to the emotional and physical feelings of the people around them. Empaths often feel the same emotions and sensations in their own bodies. The other person typically doesn't even need to utter a word of explanation for an empath to understand what they're feeling.

What's the Difference Between Being Empathetic and Being an Empath?

If you're empathetic, you have the ability to imagine what it's like to be in someone else's situation. If you're an empath, you feel someone else's feelings as if they're your own. 

For example, an empathetic person can recognize that their friend feels angry about being fired and understands why. But an empathetic person won't have the same physical response, such as clenched muscles or burning cheeks. Empaths experience those mirrored feelings, sometimes without even knowing the other person's circumstances.

What Are the 3 Main Types of Empaths?

1. Physical Empath

A physical empath is highly attuned to other people's physical symptoms. If you're this type of empath, you probably absorb other people's physical sensations into your own body. 

For example, if your friend starts to feel sharp stomach pains, you might feel sharp stomach pains too. Physical empaths also tend to feel energized by another person's sense of well-being or derailed by their suffering.

2. Emotional Empath

An emotional empath is sensitive to other people's emotions. If you're this type of empath, you're like a sponge that absorbs other people's feelings. Whether happy or sad, your mood can quickly change based on who is around you and how they feel at that moment.

3. Intuitive Empath

The realm of the intuitive empath is more spiritual than scientific. These individuals experience extraordinary perceptions such as telepathy, messages in dreams, heightened intuition, plant and animal communication, and contact with the other side. 

As such, intuitive empaths are divided into seven additional categories:

  • Telepathic empaths can receive information about others in real-time by intuition only.

  • Precognitive empaths experience premonitions about the future while awake or dreaming.

  • Dream empaths receive intuitive information only through dreams.

  • Mediumship empaths receive information from and communicate with spirits on the other side.

  • Plant empaths who feel the needs of plants and connect with their essence.

  • Animal empaths are highly attuned to animals and can communicate with them.

  • Earth empaths are in tune with changes in the weather, the planet, and the solar system.

Let's Talk About Your Experiences

Now that you know what an empath is and the different types of intuition empaths can have, your experiences might make more sense. Still, it's important to learn strategies for maintaining a positive mood. Talk with your Confidant team to hash out a plan for preserving your well-being as an empath.