Think of something that happened to you during the day that you felt was good, went well, or in some way made you happy, and write it down. This can be something small, like “I saw flowers blooming outside,” or big, like “I got a promotion at my job.”

Also, write down an explanation for what made this possible. Continuing with our example of flowers, “because I took the time to take a walk and was observant and present, and because my neighbor spends time on his garden to make it beautiful.”

Or for the promotion: “because I worked hard to meet and exceed my goals, my team supported me, and my leadership rewarded my hard work.”

Research shows that it’s best to do this in your own handwriting, but if you’d like, you can also jot it in a note on your phone or computer. Feel free to share these things with a coach, matchmaker, or counselor as well. Either way, it’s best to keep a physical record.

Try not to worry about grammar or spelling.

Now repeat this two more times, to make 3 GOOD THINGS! :)

Finally, take a deep breath. Read what you wrote down and reflect on your role in creating that moment of goodness or happiness.