Confidant providers prescribe medications following virtual consultations that are conducted by video chat in the Confidant app. Our providers offer extended availability, including nights and weekends, to best accommodate your schedule.

During the consultation, your Confidant provider will conduct an evaluation that asks you about your goals and includes questions about your substance use, psychiatric and physical health history, social situation and living environment.  Remember, there’s no judgement. The provider may also review or order lab work. They’ll provide education about treatment options based on your unique situation. It’s okay (and encouraged!) to ask them questions about what is best for you.

If it’s determined that oral naltrexone is a good option, then we will order a prescription to be filled by a licensed pharmacy, just like you pick up your usual medications. You can schedule your virtual follow-up appointments with the prescriber through the Confidant app, as well as book appointments with recovery coaches or therapists, or join groups.