Naltrexone is a prescription medication that is used to treat both opioid and alcohol use disorders. It works by blocking the brain’s opioid receptors, which are responsible for the pleasurable feelings, such as the “high” or the “buzz” that people experience when using drugs or alcohol. Because of this effect, naltrexone can help people to stay committed to recovery, while also participating in counseling and other behavioral therapies. If you’ve been prescribed this medication, it’s important to know the cost, as well as ways to save money on this medication. So, how much does naltrexone cost? We spell out the answer below. 

How Much Does Naltrexone Cost?

The price of naltrexone will vary, based upon where you get the medication, whether you have insurance, and the specific formulation or brand of naltrexone that you use. Naltrexone is available in two formulations: an injectable, extended release version, and an oral version that is taken typically once per day. 

Injectable naltrexone is available under the brand name Vivitrol, whereas oral naltrexone is available under the brand name ReVia, as well as in generic formulations. Generic oral naltrexone is cheaper than the brand name version. Since injectable naltrexone is only available under its brand name, it is typically more costly. 

With Insurance

The naltrexone cost will typically be lower if you have insurance, because many insurance providers cover a large portion of the cost of naltrexone. In fact, the makers of Vivitrol report that 99% of insurance plans offer coverage for Vivitrol. 

While insurance can lower the out-of-pocket price of naltrexone, it’s important to understand that insurance plans can vary in the amount of coverage they offer. Additionally, some may only cover certain forms of naltrexone.

For example, a 2018 study that evaluated naltrexone coverage among 100 different insurance plans available through the government marketplace found that 100% of them covered generic oral naltrexone, whereas just 26.1% covered Vivitrol, the brand name injectable version of the medication. Only 13.2% of plans covered ReVia, the brand name formulation of oral naltrexone.

State-provided Medicaid programs in all 50 states cover some form of naltrexone, so people who are on government insurance can expect their plans to cover some of the costs of naltrexone.

Without Insurance

The cost of naltrexone is higher without insurance coverage, but the exact costs can vary based upon location, dosage, pharmacy, and whether you are using a brand name or a generic version of naltrexone. According to GoodRX, the average retail price of a 30-day supply of generic naltrexone pills is $91.59. 

The cost of naltrexone is significantly higher if you choose the injectable version, only available as brand name Vivitrol. The average retail price of this medication is $2,127. 

Naltrexone Prescription 

Naltrexone without a prescription is not an option, as this medication is available only via prescription. Buying naltrexone online is an option, but only once you have obtained a prescription for the medication. 

Who Can Prescribe Naltrexone?

Unlike Suboxone and some other medications used in medication-assisted treatment (MAT), naltrexone is not a controlled substance. This means that anyone who is licensed to prescribe medications can write a prescription for naltrexone. 

Where Can I Get Naltrexone?

You can get a naltrexone prescription by talking with your doctor, making an appointment at an addiction treatment center that offers medication assisted treatment, or consulting with an online medication assisted treatment program. Once you have a prescription, you can obtain your medication from a pharmacy.  

Naltrexone Administration 

Naltrexone is administered either via a pill that is taken once per day, or via an intramuscular injection that is taken once per month. Talk with your doctor if you have questions about which option is best for you or if you have questions on how to take naltrexone and when. 

Naltrexone Coupons and Rebates

You can lower the cost of your medication by using a naltrexone coupon. Various websites and programs offer free naltrexone coupons that you can either print, or save to your phone to be scanned at a pharmacy. 

Naltrexone GoodRX coupons can significantly lower the cost of naltrexone. For example, GoodRX advertises coupons that provide a 30-day supply of naltrexone tablets for $11.35. also provides a discount card, accepted in most pharmacies, that lowers the naltrexone cost without insurance to $47.93 for a one-month supply or $124.80 for a three-month supply. also offers naltrexone coupons to lower the costs of your medication. The naltrexone cost at Walmart is $18.23 with a coupon from SingleCare. 

Keep in mind that even with a naltrexone coupon, prices will vary based upon where you live and the pharmacy you use for your medications. Some pharmacies have higher prices, even with a coupon. Check with your local pharmacy to ensure that they will accept your naltrexone coupon. 

Patient Assistance Programs for Naltrexone

If you are finding it challenging to cover the costs of naltrexone, patient assistance programs may be beneficial. First, you may benefit from applying for Medicaid, which is the government insurance program offered to low-income Americans. Medicaid coverage can make naltrexone more affordable for you. You can determine your eligibility for Medicaid here. 

If you do not qualify for Medicaid but still need assistance with covering naltrexone costs, patient assistance programs, such as those offered through the PAN Foundation, may be helpful. 

Other Questions 

People often have the following questions about naltrexone costs. 

How Much Is Naltrexone a Month?

Your monthly costs for naltrexone will vary based upon whether you have insurance, and the type of coverage you have. Even without insurance, there are ways to make naltrexone more affordable. For instance, naltrexone coupons can lower the monthly cost of oral naltrexone to $11.35. 

Do Insurance Companies Cover Naltrexone?

Most insurance programs, including private insurers and government plans, offer some coverage of naltrexone. Coverage varies among different insurance companies, and some may only cover generic naltrexone. Check with a representative from your insurance company for details of your coverage. 

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