While naltrexone isn’t the only medication that can help you reduce your drinking, it has a track record of success and a proven safety profile. Unlike some medications, naltrexone also does not require that you stop drinking as a pre-requisite to starting the medication. When you have your online consultation with one of our providers, you’ll be able to discuss all of the potential options and pick what is best for you.


Naltrexone has been studied to help reduce alcohol consumption in 30+ clinical trials over a 20 year period and has consistently shown positive results, especially in reducing amount of drinking.

Proven Safety Profile

Naltrexone has been prescribed for over 30 years and has been effective for a wide range of people. Side effects from naltrexone are rare.


You can use naltrexone as needed to reduce your drinking. Naltrexone is also safe for use by people with or without other conditions such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, or dyslipidemia.