Naltrexone is a medication used in the treatment of opioid use disorder, which is the clinical term for an addiction to opioid drugs like heroin or oxycodone. Some people may also take naltrexone to treat alcohol use disorder. The medication is available as both a pill and an intramuscular injection, and it works by blocking the euphoric effects of substances and reducing drug and alcohol cravings. When people are considering taking this medication to treat a substance use disorder, they may wonder if naltrexone over the counter is an option for the sake of convenience. Below, find the answers to your top questions about naltrexone OTC, as well as information about the benefits of online medication assisted treatment

Can You Buy Naltrexone Over The Counter?

So, do you need a prescription for naltrexone? The short answer is yes. Naltrexone is a prescription medication, meaning that naltrexone over the counter is not an option. If you’re seeking a naltrexone prescription to treat an alcohol or opioid use disorder, you must consult with a doctor, as you cannot just purchase this medication off of the shelves at a pharmacy. 

Can You Buy Naltrexone Online?

When people discover that OTC naltrexone is not an option in the United States, they may resort to trying to purchase the medication online. Legitimate online pharmacies require that you have a prescription, which means you will still need to see a doctor prior to buying naltrexone online. 

There are some websites that may offer naltrexone without a prescription, but these websites are often based in a foreign country. Users visit the website and provide their credit card and shipping information to purchase the medication, which may or may not truly be pharmaceutical grade naltrexone. The medication could also be seized by customs, meaning you won’t receive it. 

A safer method of buying Naltrexone online is to work with an online medication assisted treatment program. With these virtual programs, you can consult with a doctor from the comfort of home and receive a prescription online.

Risks Of Buying Naltrexone Online Without A Prescription 

There may be some websites that claim to offer naltrexone over the counter, but these websites come with risks. Consider the potential dangers below.

Falling Victim To A Scam

Since naltrexone is a prescription medication, you must consult with a doctor to obtain the medication legally. Many websites that claim to offer naltrexone without prescription are actually a scam. This means that you may provide your credit card information and pay for a medication you actually never receive. 

Placing Your Health At Risk

When you obtain a naltrexone prescription from a doctor and then pick up the prescription from your local pharmacy, or even a reputable online pharmacy, you can be confident that you are getting pharmaceutical grade naltrexone, which means that the medication has been tested for purity and safety and is subject to government regulation.

On the other hand, when you buy naltrexone from a website without having a prescription, you truly do not know what you are getting. The medication may contain adulterants, or it may not be what the website claims it is. This places you at risk of harming your health or continuing to have drug cravings, which increases your risk of relapse. 

Lack Of Access To Medical Consultation

If you choose to buy naltrexone online without a prescription, you will be obtaining the medication without first consulting with a doctor, who will ensure that naltrexone does not interact with any other medications you are taking. A doctor will also be able to oversee your treatment, monitor your side effects, and ensure that naltrexone is a suitable treatment for you, given your health history. Neglecting to consult with a doctor while taking naltrexone is risky in and of itself. 

Other FAQs

If you’re wondering how to buy naltrexone, the answers to the following frequently asked questions may also be helpful. 

Is There a Generic Form of Naltrexone?

The injectable form of naltrexone is available only under the brand name Vivitrol, but there are generic versions of naltrexone pills. You may be able to buy generic naltrexone online for cheaper than the brand name version, but this does not mean that it is OTC naltrexone. You must submit a valid prescription before buying generic naltrexone from an online pharmacy.  

Can Naltrexone Be Misused?

Naltrexone is a non-narcotic drug that works by blocking the effects of opioid drugs. As such, it has no misuse potential and is an alternative to drugs like Suboxone, which are used in medication assisted treatment but have some potential for misuse.

Is Naltrexone Over The Counter?        

Naltrexone is a prescription medication. This means that naltrexone over the counter is not an option, and you must see a doctor before you can buy this medication. 

Is Naltrexone A Controlled Substance? 

Naltrexone is not a controlled substance, so any physician or provider with prescribing abilities can write a prescription for naltrexone. 

Is There An OTC Alternative To Naltrexone For Reducing Drug Cravings?

Some people may use OTC supplements or herbal remedies to ease withdrawal symptoms, but these products are not FDA-regulated and do not take the place of prescription medications that are specifically intended to treat cravings. If you have questions about alternative methods of reducing drug and alcohol cravings, you should consult with your doctor.

Get Naltrexone Online Through Confidant Health

While over the counter naltrexone is not an option in the United States, you can consult with an online provider to make it easier to get this medication. At Confidant Health, we offer an online medication assisted treatment program that allows you to consult with a doctor online, so you can receive a prescription, if appropriate, without visiting a doctor in-person. We also offer an online Suboxone clinic, if this alternative form of treatment is determined to be a better option for you. 

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