A trigger journal is a way to write down your thoughts about people, places, situations, and/or things that make it more likely for you to drink alcohol. We know that sometimes people are triggered by an event and quickly react by picking up a drink. The trigger journal will give you a place to identify and record these triggers and then write down different choices you could make instead of choosing to drink alcohol.  See below for an example of a trigger journal entry:


Remember, you do not need a specific type of book, paper, pencil, pen, or electronic device. You choose what works best for your trigger journal, including how often you write in it.  Make it simple and easy, so it becomes something you can stick to. After getting into the habit of writing in your trigger journal, you will be able to see the triggers that you have identified and how you have reacted to them. This feedback will help you to better understand how your choices match up with the goals that you have for yourself.