Stress is a part of most people's lives, and when left unmanaged, it can come with consequences like chronic illness or unhealthy drug use. By following just a few accessible practices, you can reduce stress and improve the quality of your life. 

Identify What Factors Cause You Stress

Determine what's stressing you out in the first place. Once you understand what triggers your stress, you can make changes to relieve it and maybe avoid it in the future. 

Just Say No

In some cases, the best thing you can do to reduce stress is to say no. No, you can't take on more work or no, you can't do it all. The family needs to pitch in and do some of the housework. Create solutions that address problems like a chart for chores that your family can follow. 

Let Go of Control

Be willing to delegate. For example, if you always plan family vacations, get them involved. Let your spouse take care of the hotels. Give each child the task of coming up with a day's worth of activities. By spreading the work out to others, you put them in control of part of it. 

Practice Acceptance

Find ways to accept a certain amount of stress and make it work for you.  If your job is too stressful, use that to motivate yourself to find work you love or start your own business. 

Stress is part of life, but it shouldn't be the most significant part. Learn to destress and feel better.