If meditation is not right for you, find another mindfulness practice that you enjoy. Practicing mindfulness may feel awkward at first but with repeated practice, it can develop into something you look forward to. The purpose of developing a mindfulness technique is to calm your mind and transform your emotions and negative feelings.

There are many ways to mindfully transform your emotions that don’t require meditation:

  • Write about your feelings to help identify your triggers

  • Recite affirmations or mantras to become more positive. When you tell yourself that you are strong and you can get through everything with ease, your subconscious mind believes it

  • Doing exercise will help you get rid of stressful emotions while keeping you fit and healthy

  • Read for ten minutes

  • Journal for 5 minutes about your day

  • Stretch for 5 minutes 

  • Do a yoga flow

  • Go for a short walk and notice what you see, hear, smell, and how your body feels

  • Be present while you eat or sip on tea or coffee (put away your phone or tv and practice mindful awareness)

If you’re still searching for something that works for you, try reaching out to a Confidant provider. Practicing mindfulness is very individualized and it may take some work to find what works for you. Confidant is here to support you throughout the way.