An easy way to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine in through exercise.

If you’re feeling anxious and restless, put your energy to use. Take advantage of your restlessness by moving with a purpose. Research suggests that exercise improves executive function -- including the ability to sit still and concentrate -- due to the increase of oxygen supplied to the brain. 

Take a walk, go for a jog, or follow a workout routine online. Try new activities to find an exercise that you enjoy, like bike riding, indoor rock climbing, or kayaking. 

A few minutes of intense or frenetic activity can also provide relief during moments when anxiety causes restlessness, and there isn't time for regular exercise. For example, if you cannot sit still at your desk, go to the stairwell and jog up and down the steps several times. Your body may naturally relax to rest and restore itself after the intense effort. You can also try jumping jacks or dancing.

Get creative about movement when restlessness strikes.