Healthy communication requires self-awareness, vulnerability, authenticity, and honesty. The way that you communicate is closely related to your feelings about yourself and your self-worth.

How to Develop Healthy Communication Skills?

There are many different ways to improve your communication skills. Here are some useful ideas:

  • Use 'I' statements whenever you are trying to communicate about yourself.  When you use sentences that begin with 'I' you condition yourself to share and be more open.

  • Avoid 'You' statements when having challenging conversations. When you begin a statement with 'you,' it sounds like blame or accusation. 

  • Learn to tap into empathy when communicating with others. Empathy is a fundamental human capacity requires an understanding of how others feel and is a great tool to employ when trying to improve communication. When you speak in a way that is considerate of others' feelings, the conversation will be much more pleasant.

  • Understand that communication involves both speaking and listening. 

Practice healthy communication skills as often as possible. You will be surprised at how easily you can improve.