To provide your loved one with an invitation to change their behavior, you may want to look at your behavior towards them. The way you treat them affects how they feel about themselves and how they act. 

The best way to introduce an invitation to change is through empathy and understanding. Here are some ideas on how to improve your communication and open the door to change. 

Stop Yelling

The first step towards introducing that invitation to change is to consider your tone and remember there is no need to yell. Yelling at someone tends to have the opposite effect. When you yell, it can decrease their motivation to do the right thing.

Yelling can indicate that you don't believe that this person is capable of change, and they may see that as a reason not to try. Ask yourself if yelling has worked in the past to change anything.

Positive Communication Strategies

Instead of yelling or shouting, you may want to employ some positive communication strategies. Find ways to express yourself in a clear but calm manner. Here are some tips on how to develop positive communication skills:

  • Try to discuss rather than argue.

  • Cultivate a soothing voice as your tone means more than what you say.

  • Develop your listening skills and try to listen without judgment.

  • After you have listened, think carefully about your words before responding.

  • Your body language is important, too, and should be used to communicate effectively along with your soothing tone of voice.

Perhaps acting in a way that shows that you're willing to change yourself will positively affect the person you are trying to help.